9 Things We Love and Hate About Our Moms

Mother’s Day is nearing and we know how planning the perfect day could be overwhelming. However, we at Vikings have come up with a short article which we’re sure your moms will relate to!

Loosen up, moms! These memes are for you ;-)

Memes (mims): a social construct in form of funny or sometimes offensive images

Emotional much?

When you expect to be eating out with the family on a special occasion.

The kids got plans!

When you find out you’re wrong in an argument, so you become emotional and sort of “win”.

Moms always care

You always make sure the family doesn’t starve!

Dakilang martyr

And sometimes, you give us your ulam just because we want more and there’s nothing left…

Best actress ang peg!

You become easily irritated because you’re too tired from doing all the chores!

And you turn to your loved one for comfort

Ikaw nalang, ikaw nalang lagi…

Moms tend to overthink


You are a mom

Whatever you do, we still love you!

Your day off

And because we love you, you deserve a special feast…

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