Vikings Group Harvests Prestigious Awards

vikings group receives pra hall of fame award

vikings group receives pra hall of fame award

Vikings Luxury Buffet Emerges as PRA Hall of Fame Awardee

Vikings Luxury Buffet has been awarded for the third time with a prestigious Outstanding Food Retailer 2016 Small Category, thus earning its right to become a Hall of Fame Awardee. Held at Solaire Resort and Casino in Pasay City last July 27, 2017. The award was presented by the Philippine Retailers Association, the pulse and voice of the retail industry of the country.

In its quest to inspire Filipino home-grown retailers to be globally competitive the PRA in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), yearly recognizes outstanding Filipino retailers who are a model of success in its growth and ethical practices through the Outstanding Filipino Retailers and Shopping Centers of the Year Awards, also dubbed as the ‘Oscars of the Philippine Retail Industry’.

OFR Hall of Fame Awardee.jpg

From having a single branch in Mall of Asia back in 2011, Vikings Luxury Buffet has now grown to ten branches giving Filipinos across the country an opportunity to experience a value for money quality feast that only Vikings can give. With its rapid growth and its number of accolades, both local and abroad, the Vikings Group has further expanded its service to the Filipinos by establishing a variety of concept stores namely the Niu by Vikings, Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot, Nords Bread Hub, and Tongyang Plus which is set to open soon this 2017. Each brand keeps up with the legacy of Vikings Luxury Buffet, and are making a mark in the industry by its own, just as how Niu by Vikings was recognized as a finalist for the Most Promising Retailer Food Category on the same awards night.

True enough, the Vikings Group has never stopped on its pursuit of excellence making its mark in the Filipino retail industry and in the heart of its beloved Filipino patrons.

NIU by Vikings The Choice.jpg

NIU by Vikings is People’s Choice for Favorite Buffet Restaurant

The people have chosen! Niu by Vikings was hailed as the people’s choice for Favorite Buffet Restaurant at The Choice 2017, held at the SMX Convention Center last August 5, 2017.

The Choice Awards acknowledges crowd favourites in the food industry determined by an online voting system. The people behind The Choice 2017 are the Philippines’ number one food and travel blog, Our Awesome Planet, and the KTG (Kain, Tulog Gang) a collective of online influencers behind some of the country’s most influential blog sites.

niu by vikings voted as the choice 2017 favorite buffet restaurant

niu by vikings voted as the choice 2017 favorite buffet restaurant

Niu by Vikings the upscale version of Vikings Luxury Buffet, opening its doors daily to serve its guest with a grand selection of exquisite dishes masterfully made from quality ingredients. Being hailed as the people’s favourite buffet restaurant for two consecutive years, Niu by Vikings remains at awe by the warm recognition from its valued guests.

chef anton abad and chef pax ignacio hailed as the winners of the philippine culinary cup pal in-flight category

chef anton abad and chef pax ignacio hailed as the winners of the philippine culinary cup pal in-flight category

Vikings Chefs Conquer the Philippine Culinary Cup PAL In-Flight Category

Our Vikings chefs have fought hard and have once again proven mastery over their craft at the Philippine Culinary Cup 2017! Vikings Luxury Buffet Corporate Chef, Anton Abad and Sous Chef, Pax Ignacio won in the PAL In-Flight Category last August 4, 2017 at the SMX Convention.

Battling it out with 15 other competitors from recognized culinary institutions, our chefs rose up to the challenge and brought home gold through their Economy Class Menu: Sarsiparilla Adobo Sauce and Malagos Duo of Chocolate.

With this win, you can look forward to try out their winning dishes as these will be included in the Philippine Airlines’ Economy Class menu. This achievement stands as testament to the passion and artistry our chefs pour out in every dish they serve.

Make Your Avocado Dreams Come to Life

How do you like your Avocado? Sweet and light for dessert? Rich and buttery for your Guac? Or cooked to perfection blended into your favourite dish? Either way, Avocado never disappoints with its unrivalled perfection. The Philippines largest luxury buffet is bringing to life all your Avocado Dreams!

For the whole month of June, we are serving you with a dreamy Avocado Menu fit for a King. Now read on as we give you a glimpse of the majestic feast that awaits when you visit!

Avocado Loaf from Vikings SM Pampanga

Let us start with this stunner, slices of our Avocado loaf will leave you in awe. Freshly baked soft bread with buttery chunks of Avocado oozing from the inside. A fitting start to your Avocado escapade.

Avocado Loaf from Vikings SM Pampanga

Avocado Loaf from Vikings SM Pampanga

Gamberetto Avocado Pizza from Vikings Mall of Asia

Who wouldn’t dream of binging on pizza the healthy way? Well, our Gamberetto Avocado Pizza is definitely a gift from above. Sprinkled with pieces of shrimp, avocado, greens, and cheese baked to perfection, this dreamy dish will sail you off to pure bliss.

Gamberetto Avocado Pizza from Vikings Mall of Asia

Gamberetto Avocado Pizza from Vikings Mall of Asia

Fish and Avocado Korokke from Vikings SM Megamall

The contradicting texture of its crisp exterior, and creamy avocado inside will leave a lasting impression on your tongue. So if you’re up for a real treat, this Karokke should be top on your list!

Fish and Avocado Korokke from Vikings SM Megamall

Fish and Avocado Korokke from Vikings SM Megamall

Avocado Battered Mahi-Mahi in Escabeche Sofrito Sarsa from Vikings SM City Bacolod

The Mediterranean flavor of this seafood dish delightfully complimented by the light soothing taste of Avocado is something that’ll put you on a daze.  Catch the impeccable combination at our Bacolod branch.

Avocado Battered Mahi-Mahi in Escabeche Sofrito Sarsa from Vikings SM City Bacolod

Avocado Battered Mahi-Mahi in Escabeche Sofrito Sarsa from Vikings SM City Bacolod

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Roll from Vikings SM North Edsa

The roll of your dreams has come to the metro. Creamy Guacamole rolled over chicken, and bacon with a refreshing chili twist. This hot dish is the best treat for every foodie looking for something good.

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Roll from Vikings SM North Edsa

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Roll from Vikings SM North Edsa

Avocado Chili Honey Glazed Turkey from Vikings SM City Cebu

A sumptuous feast on its own, this honey glazed turkey will heat up your taste buds with the delicate flavors of turkey spiced up in all the right ways.

Avocado Chili Honey Glazed Turkey from Vikings SM City Cebu

Avocado Chili Honey Glazed Turkey from Vikings SM City Cebu

Beef Enchilada Rice from Vikings SM BF

Yes, here at Vikings you can indulge all you want in the goodness of our addictive Beef Enchilada Rice. Oozing with rich Latin American flavors, this extravagant dish will take your avocado dreams to new heights!

Beef Enchilada Rice from Vikings SM BF

Beef Enchilada Rice from Vikings SM BF

Peanut Butter-Avocado-Banana Panna Cotta from Vikings Makati

Fun and colourful to the eyes, yet simple and light to the taste! This avocado dessert easily becomes a crowd pleaser. Yes, we’ll keep it simple; this dreamy confection is definitely a must-try.

Peanut Butter-Avocado-Banana panna Cotta from Vikings Makati

Peanut Butter-Avocado-Banana panna Cotta from Vikings Makati

Guacamole Brownie Mousse from Vikings SM Lanang Davao

A beauty to behold, this heavenly dessert is the healthy treat for your sweet tooth. Perfectly moist and luscious brownies topped with a delicately sweet guacamole mousse that’ll gently sweep you away with every bite.

Guacamole Brownie Mousse from Vikings SM Lanang Davao

Guacamole Brownie Mousse from Vikings SM Lanang Davao

Avocado Cheese Cake with Pili Nuts from Vikings SM Marikina

This creamy creation ain’t our featured photo for no reason. Its stunning beauty and exquisite taste embodies a perfectly sweet dream come to life.

Avocado Cheese Cake with Pili Nuts from Vikings SM Marikina

Avocado Cheese Cake with Pili Nuts from Vikings SM Marikina

You know, dreams simply can’t be put into words, its beauty is experienced and felt, and like all dreams, this marvellous menu won’t be here for long. So hurry, book a reservation at your favourite Vikings Luxury Buffet branch and experience for yourself the wonder that looms through Vikings for the month of June.

Need more convincing? Watch our dreamy avocado video for a delight to your eyes and a tease to your appetite.

9 Things We Love and Hate About Our Moms

Mother’s Day is nearing and we know how planning the perfect day could be overwhelming. However, we at Vikings have come up with a short article which we’re sure your moms will relate to!

Loosen up, moms! These memes are for you ;-)

Memes (mims): a social construct in form of funny or sometimes offensive images

Emotional much?

When you expect to be eating out with the family on a special occasion.

The kids got plans!

When you find out you’re wrong in an argument, so you become emotional and sort of “win”.

Moms always care

You always make sure the family doesn’t starve!

Dakilang martyr

And sometimes, you give us your ulam just because we want more and there’s nothing left…

Best actress ang peg!

You become easily irritated because you’re too tired from doing all the chores!

And you turn to your loved one for comfort

Ikaw nalang, ikaw nalang lagi…

Moms tend to overthink


You are a mom

Whatever you do, we still love you!

Your day off

And because we love you, you deserve a special feast…

Relate?? Let this reach your mom in a touching way! Like, share and tag!

Vikings Luxury Buffet in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017

Not often will you be given the chance to serve world’s best chefs, Vikings Luxury Buffet has been given the honor of doing so for three consecutive years. The Madrid Fusion Manila is a premier event for the country’s food community. Chefs behind Michelin star and World’s 50 best restaurants visit Manila for a three day conference and trade expo. From its first run back in 2015, Vikings Luxury Buffet has been a significant part of this grand culinary event.

The three-day gastronomic event kicked off with a Welcome Night at SM Mall of Asia by the Bay last April 6, 2017. The night was graced by the culinary delegates including Gert de Mangeleer (Hertog Jan), Pedro Subijana (Akelare), Rodrigo de la Calle (El Invernadero), and Paco Perez (Miramar).

Vikings Luxury Buffet was one of the chosen few restaurants from the country to serve their very own fusion dishes from traditional Filipino delicacies.

Vikings served three beautifully concocted masterpieces for this special night:

Crispy Salted Egg Longganisa

This scene stealing dish easily became a crowd favourite with its savory salted egg longganisa, enriched with distinct Filipino spices, and wrapped in succulent pork skin, baked to a perfect crisp

Vigan Emapanada

The modern twist on this beloved Vigan classic is a dish that is hard to miss, with the medley of greens, quail egg, and our very own special sausage packed into one hearty meal.

Tres Marias Butchi

An array of Filipino dessert favourites whipped up into one enchanting dish, Vikings’ Tres Marias Butchi. Butchi coated with Almonds, stuffed with Guimaras Mango, Suman Pinipig and Ube Halaya served with Macapuno Ice Cream and dusted with Salted Egg, with this dish, you certainly can have it all.

Tres Marias Butchi.JPG

Indeed, in serving the best, Vikings Luxury Buffet has not held back in giving their best, nothing less from the country’s largest buffet restaurant.

Over 2 Million Cakes Served: Vikings Luxury Buffet Celebrates Its Sixth Year

As Vikings Luxury Buffet celebrates its sixth year in service, they reaffirm their pivotal role in Filipino lives. Starting from a single branch in SM Mall of Asia back in 2011, Vikings has made its mark as the countries’ largest buffet restaurant.

With that much influence, and reach, Filipinos have embraced Vikings and have spent countless momentous occasions on the beloved establishment, from baptisms, weddings, graduations, and birthdays, to  job promotions, reunions and even marriage proposals.

To celebrate the true beauty of Filipino lives, birthday celebrants at Vikings are given complimentary cakes, and for over six years, and nine more branches later, Vikings Luxury Buffet has served over two million birthday cakes to date.

These numbers not only reflect the growth of Vikings over the years, but also show that those 2 million people, and countless others are the ones who have helped bring Vikings to where it is today.

Taste the Summer Around the World at Vikings Luxury Buffet

When the sizzling sun is gleaming at you all day, you know what season it is. Summer has arrived! Vikings Luxury Buffet gives you a whole lot of new culinary gems to discover this summer, as they launch their International Summer Food series. From March 15 - April 14, get to experience how summer tastes like all around the world as you visit any Vikings branch nationwide. We’ve listed down a few notable dishes from each branch for you to try out.

Babka Bread from Vikings SM Pampanga

As visually stunning as it is, this Eastern European treat is guaranteed to lift your spirits to a summery bliss. Every doughy twist bursting with luscious chocolate, you’ll have a hard time controlling yourself for another bite.

Babka Bread from Vikings Sm Pampanga

Babka Bread from Vikings Sm Pampanga

Beef Gyro with Cucumber Rita from Vikings SM Megamall

This is a refreshing take on the popular Greek food. With the Cucumber Rita coolly balancing out the surge of flavors from the Beef Gyro, everything goes well to make one perfect dish.

Beef Gyro with Cucumber Rita from Vikings SM Megamall

Beef Gyro with Cucumber Rita from Vikings SM Megamall

Sushi Donut from Vikings SM City Bacolod

Sushi donuts aren’t only as appetizing as it looks. This tempting Japanese food craze will leave a lasting impression on you, with every bite overflowing with delicate flavors of the sea.

Sushi Donut from Vikings SM City Bacolod

Sushi Donut from Vikings SM City Bacolod

Minted Melon, Tomato Prosciutto Salad from Vikings SM City Cebu

Cool off with this refreshing salad with a hearty serving of prosciutto, and a healthy blend of fresh vegetables, and minted melon.

Minted Melon, Tomato Prosciutto Salad from Vikings SM City Cebu

Minted Melon, Tomato Prosciutto Salad from Vikings SM City Cebu

Mexican Pizza from Vikings SM Marikina

If you want things spiced up, you’ll definitely love this pizza. With a generous dash of Mexican spices savory meat, red beans, and a drizzle of aioli, this dish will surely add more sizzle to your summer.

Mexican Pizza from Vikings SM Marikina

Mexican Pizza from Vikings SM Marikina

Coconut Fish with Tropical Salsa from Vikings SM Mall of Asia

This delightful treat of the sea served with a complimenting tropical salsa, will surely give you the summery beach taste you’ll adore.

Coconut Fish with Tropical Salsa from Vikings SM Mall of Asia

Coconut Fish with Tropical Salsa from Vikings SM Mall of Asia

Beer Can Chicken from Vikings SM Lanang, Davao

A popular summer American dish, the Beer Can Chicken is perfect for casual hearty gatherings. Immaculately succulent meat that satiates your taste buds, this oven roasted poultry dish is definitely a feast on its own.

Beer Can Chicken from Vikings SM Lanang, Davao

Beer Can Chicken from Vikings SM Lanang, Davao

Lamb Shank ala Bonne Femme from Vikings SM BF Homes Paranaque

Feast like a king, with the ideal meat to binge on this summer. Lamb shanks with simple, yet rich flavors, tenderly cooked to perfection.

Lamb Shank ala Bonne Femme from Vikings SM BF Homes Paranaque

Lamb Shank ala Bonne Femme from Vikings SM BF Homes Paranaque

Cardinal Panna Cotta from Vikings Jazz Mall, Makati

Cleanse your taste palate with this tropical take on the classic Italian dessert. The soft texture of the pudding goes exquisitely well with the summery selection of fruits.

Cardinal Panna Cotta from Vikings Jazz Mall, Makati

Cardinal Panna Cotta from Vikings Jazz Mall, Makati

Fruity Pavlova from Vikings SM North Edsa

Now, this modern execution of the timeless New Zealand delicacy is a masterpiece to behold. Heavenly meringue mounted on a moist chocolate base, topped off with an assortment of fresh fruits. Have a taste of this treat, and experience a wild summer party raving inside your mouth.

These divine summer dishes are just a glimpse of what’s truly awaiting you at each Vikings Luxury Buffet branch. Now, plan out your summer food escapade with your food buddies, and together explore these international culinary masterpieces.

Vikings SM City Cebu Receives Sun Star Best of Cebu 2016 Best New Restaurant Buffet Award

The country’s largest buffet restaurant has earned yet another accolade to add to their stack of achievements, as Vikings SM City Cebu was recognized as Sun Star Best of Cebu 2016 Best New Restaurant Buffet.

The Sun Star is a newspaper based in Cebu since 1982, the only major national paper that is not based in Metro Manila. Through its magazine, the Sun Star Weekend, Sun Star annually acknowledges products, services, public places, and establishments that embody the best that Cebu has to offer.

The Cebu branch opened its doors last year, May 10, 2016, with its lavishly designed pop inspired interior. Vikings Cebu brings a distinct buffet dining experience to the Cebuanos, serving unlimited quality dishes from all over the globe, diners get to be a Viking for a day by conquering the diverse food stations, and experience an adventurous fusion of flavours.

Receiving recognition on its first year of service stands as testament to the unwavering pursuit of excellence of Vikings Luxury Buffet, and their established rapport with the Cebuanos.

Create Your Masterpiece at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot

It’s 2017. A time when creativity and self-expression takes center stage. With the emergence of art fairs, and art workshops around the metro, and the abundance of Do-it-Yourself viral videos circulating around social media, everybody is itching to create. Four Seasons Hotpot and Buffet provides an avenue for creativity with its hotpot buffet concept where you can personalize your own hotpot according to your own preference. Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot has opened its third branch in SM Southmall last January, 2017. South peeps can not only enjoy the perks of having to customize their own plate with a wide array of culinary masterpieces, at Four Seasons, diners can experience the pleasure of customizing their own hotpot.

Entering the Southmall branch, you are welcomed by the summer themed modern interior which gives off that chill beach vibe. Each guest is provided their own hotpot induction cooker so they can craft their own hotpot to their own taste.

Whether you’re feeling wild and you want to go for that fiery hotpot with exotic ingredients, you’re feeling laid back and you think the traditional hotpot is the best for you, or you want to tap the carnivore inside and go all meat, it’s all up to what your taste buds crave for. You get to play chef for a while and pick out from a vast assortment of the finest and freshest ingredients, carefully picked out by Four Seasons to give you the best hotpot experience.

The food frenzy doesn’t stop there. You can also enjoy popular dishes from Vikings Buffet at Four Seasons. Go around the food stations and get your share of authentic sushi, hearty meat, and delectable desserts. You can also ask for the branch’s signature dish, the Corned Beef Kaldereta made from beef Karubi, which is made available upon request.

There are endless outlets for creativity and self-expression and Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot wants you to enjoy the best, while giving you the freedom to add your own touch to it.

The Vikings Group Supports Appledrive Project in Payatas

Give. Educate. Inspire. This is the core advocacy of The Apple-drive Project as a way to educate indigent kids in both rural and urban areas in the country to advocate a healthier lifestyle by eating apples instead of candies or chocolates.  

The project goes out to communities to promote good personal hygiene and an overall improved way of life through activities like book reading, medical missions and feeding programs and more.

Recently, THE VIKINGS GROUP of restaurants namely Vikings Luxury Buffet, Niu by Vikings and Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot extended a helping hand to this program during the activity held at the Payatas Elementary School where the company shared food to the children who benefited from this undertaking.

The VIKINGS GROUP is into continued support as part of its corporate social responsibility in sharing blessings to other communities and individuals. They operates the Largest Buffet Restaurant Chain in the Philippines providing excellent standards of food service and quality in Metro Manila, Davao, Bacolod and Cebu catering to thousands of diners daily.  

Vikings continues its commitment to similar organizations and individuals who care for the community. The Appledrive started as a hobby giving out apples to kids who have never seen, held nor tasted apples.*

Vikings Luxury Buffet Earns 2016 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

Vikings Luxury Buffet Earns 2016 Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 28th, June, 2016 Vikings Luxury Luxury Buffet, the Philippines Largest Buffet Restaurant, today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses that have earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. 

"With the Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor honors hospitality businesses that have consistently received strong praise and ratings from travelers,” said Heather Leisman, Vice President of Industry Marketing, TripAdvisor. “This recognition helps travelers identify and book properties that regularly deliver great service. TripAdvisor is proud to play this integral role in helping travelers feel more confident in their booking decisions.”  

The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.


About TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor® is the world's largest travel site**, enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 340 million unique monthly visitors***, and 350 million reviews and opinions covering 6.5 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 48 markets worldwide. 

TripAdvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRIP), through its subsidiaries, manages and operates websites under 24 other travel media brands:,,,,,, (including,,, and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

**Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, February 2016

***Source: TripAdvisor log files, Q1 2016

Vikings Luxury Buffet is two-time PRA awardee

         The Largest Buffet Restaurant in the Philippines did it again as the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) chose VIKINGS LUXURY BUFFET as the second-time recipient of the prestigious award for OUTSTANDING FOOD RETAILER 2015 SMALL CATEGORY

         The award is presented to the corporate business world by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the PRA for establishments that have reached a certain standard of qualifications of service and quality to the community.

        The recent award was presented to VIKING LUXURY BUFFET during the awards night held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom at Newport City Complex in Pasay City. The award was received by the restaurant’s Operations Managers Divine Villanueva and Hazel Rodriguez supported by some company officials during the ceremonies.

            The largest buffet restaurant in the country is on its fifth year of its quest for excellence in providing quality food and service to its guests. It operates eight restaurants in Metro Manila, and one each in Davao City, Bacolod City and Cebu City.

        Proven by its various national and international awards, the Vikings group of restaurants has proven its marketing directions through its promotional efforts provided to its patrons the whole year round. Among them are the free birthday treats, the wedding anniversary discount, OFW free dining, month-long birthday celebrant free birthday blow-out coupled with its creatively-promoted food offers during special holidays.

            The awards received by the company are a true manifestation of its desire to continually provide its patrons the highest standards in the food industry. The table reservation system it adapts is an innovative process of providing easy access by its enthusiastic diners who come in groups to enjoy truly what good food is all about.

Vikings Cebu Opens May 10, 2016!

It’s another style of enjoying great food coming from more than 9 nations and cultures from around the world as Cebu City welcomes that moment of great dining experience that Cebuanos and their visitors would love to be happy with.

VIKINGS LUXURY BUFFET, the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines and an international award-winning food chain in the country is set to open soon in SM City Cebu to provide Cebuanos and Cebu residents and tourists the best there is in the eat-all- you-can dining style.

How can you say no to a long line of mouth-watering cuisine that will flare your heart’s desire for the biggest treat that Vikings Cebu boasts of offering you with a variety of food that the restaurant’s chefs have on the line for you and your family and friends?

Your heart beats to the excitement as you start looking at the American treat of roast turkey, chateaubriand steak, flat iron steak, rib of lamb for the meat lovers. Next on the line you can pick up those pizza and pasta with those Italian flavors the way you want them to be.

Asian flavors specials from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia come in daily in different recipes that you must not miss to take a bite or two. Filipino grilling comes next as you ask the chef to grill those squid heads, salmon ribs and head, fish belly, pork cuts, barbeque styles, and more.

Chinese cuisine lovers beat up their excitement as different recipes of the famous siomai, machang, cantons, shabu-shabu, siopao, noodle mixes and roast duck are just on hand waiting for the guests.

Japanese concoctions of various makis fill up your plates and another platter on the hand can be ready for the famous sashimi cuts of tuna and salmon being the daily favorites along with shrimp and veggie tempura, and other recipes.

Another delight surprise is the unlimited beer day and night, unlimited beverages including tea and coffee. Sweet lover would line up for the unlimited fruit slices, crepes, soft drinks and unlimited juice flavors of the day.

Do not take for granted the kids as a long line of unlimited ice-cream offers await them plus all th gummy bear they can grab along with that chilly yoghurt, leche flan, and so many desserts that you will just love to be into your tummy’s satisfaction.

Surprisingly, your dining experience will just make you discover that it is truly a value-for- money as Weekday Lunch is only at P688. Weekday Dinner and Weekend and Holidays Lunch and Dinner are tagged at P888 only. That’s a great affordable treat from Vikings Cebu located at the North wing of SM City Cebu.

But wait. Be assured of a table by calling up for your advance reservation as hundreds of dining lovers come in for lunch and dinner. Call Vikings Cebu Reservations and you will be given a reservation code to ensure your fun dining moment. Save in your cellphones Vikings Cebu CP 0998.996.9888; 0917.576.9888. Or call (032)255.3888. Book early and eat like a Viking*

Vikings Davao shares help to Mt. Apo Fire Team

The continued efforts of the ground verification team in the Mt. Apo incident has seen the fire control at 99% safe level although there is still a lot of work to be done from assessment to fire line maintenance to rehabilitation. 

Along the government efforts on this incident, DENR-PENRO Davao del Sur, meanwhile, expressed its deep appreciation to Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao for undertaking the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission in donating relief goods and other commodities to the ongoing rehabilitation activities of the government. 

The country’s natural attraction, Mt. Apo, experienced massive forest fire during the Holy Week this year and thousands of volunteers and government workers were deployed to the area to protect the forest.

The Vikings Lanang Davao CSR Team, together with DENR Davao, visited the DENR office in Digos, Davao del Sur where the Vikings Team handed over the joint contribution of the company and its employees to the DENR officials and Communications Officer as the company share of support to the workers who have sacrificed to join the forest fire operations.  

Vikings commits to extend its helping hand through all its stores as it shares to the communities its corporate social responsibility muscles in providing what it sees best.

Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot. The HOTTEST Buffet in the Metro!

From the group that brought you Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings comes a new hotpot buffet concept: Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot! This new brand opens its first pioneering branch along the Mall of Asia bay area, overlooking the majestic Manila Bay; and its second branch in Araneta Center - Manhattan Parkview.

Designed with a lavish and modern market interior, Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot serves a wide assortment of fresh and healthy ingredients that are carefully handpicked by the chefs every day, allowing hotpot enthusiasts to freely customize their own dishes.

From Philippine Tatler: "Four Seasons Hotpot City is a buffet restaurant concept that marries farm-to-table offerings with hot pot cooking." Check out what they have to say about Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot: Mall of Asia! Click here.

From When In Manila: "Four Seasons Hotpot City located right behind Mall of Asia, could just be your next eat-all-you-can stop, on a healthier level.  And you know its going to be good food because it comes from the Viking group (the ones who brought you Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings)." Check out When In Manila's experience by clicking here.

Want to know what are the Top 10 Dishes at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot: Cubao? Check out some of the recommendations made by When In Manila, click here.

Your Own Private Feast at Vikings Venue (When In Manila)

Since Vikings Luxury-Buffet Restaurant opened at the Seaside Boulevard at the Mall of Asia complex, it has become one of the top-of-mind contenders in the buffet chain arena. It’s no easy feat serving 200 international dishes daily and providing good service, but after launching several branches in many parts of the metro, not to mention Vikings Niu and Four Seasons Hotpot City, the buffet chain has proven they’re top-of-mind for good reason.

To read more about this, click here.

Vikings wins Asia Brand Excellence Award in Hong Kong

Vikings Luxury Buffet, the Largest Buffet Restaurant in the Philippines recently won its first international award presented this December at the Grand Harbor Hotel in North Point, Hong Kong. The prestigious award to Vikings bested other companies from Hongkong, China, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

The Yazhou Zhoukan Asia Excellence Brand Award 2015 was proudly received by Vikings Managing Director Jackson Go and Vikings Marketing Director Charles Stewart Lee in a grand awards night in Hongkong. In receiving the award, Vikings’ Charles Stewart Lee expressed the honor with pride receiving the award for the Philippines Largest Buffet Restaurant. We did not expect to be here since we only started in April 2011 and it is extremely heart-warming to see what the company has achieved through the years, Lee said. He mentioned his deep appreciation to the loyal customers and suppliers for constantly supporting the company’s venture and expansions and the constant feedbacks from its customers on how to improve further the service.


In an ambush interview in Hongkong, Lee again stated his company’s surprise of winning the award as Vikings was up against larger companies from the different regions of the world. Asked on the brand strategy of the company, Lee mentions of the company’s offering high quality food and service within a hotel ambience at a competitive rate. Throughout the years the company constantly listens to what the customers want it to improve on. The company sees to it that the customers are given a new taste of the brand by offering different interiors and different menu per branch so that they have a reason to visit all of our stores and it has given the brand a personality that no other buffet restaurants in the country has done which is to give it an image of “feast”, Lee emphasized.

As to the future business plans of the company, it is looking at expanding some of its existing brands like VIKINGS and NIU in other regions in the Philippines with untapped market. The international expansion in China and some Southeast Asian countries are also in the drawing board as well as franchising new brands abroad to bring into the Philippines, Lee concluded in the interview.*